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The Local SEO Accelerator Stack
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A value packed solution for agencies, produced by the team at Geo Landing Pages.
Supercharge your new skillset with the most powerful local SEO software, training and resources on the planet.

The Fastest Way to Design, Optimize & Rank City-Specific Web Pages on Wordpress Websites

An agency operations & local SEO toolkit.

A reliable and proven SEO software and course that shows you EXACTLY how to obtain Google rankings for local queries and make a pretty profit while doing so. The Local SEO Accelerator Stack comes bundled with a monthly subscription to the Geo Landing Pages Cloud Build Software Suite. Making geographically targeted landing pages has never been easier.

  • Even if... you're new to SEO
  • Even if... you suck at SEO
  • Even if... you're skeptical about SEO
  • Even if... you're "over it" with SEO

Introducing - The Local SEO Accelerator Stack

The Best SEO Tools to Dominate Local SERPS

You'll be getting a total local SEO solution when buying this webinar exclusive offer.

This course and toolkit is battle tested and proven as we've used these exact tools to grow our own agency. If you want impressive results - both financially and online, this is the solution. you've been looking for

  • Get Results

    Data driven SEO techniques to produce high converting, high ranking, geographically targeted landing pages.

  • Impress & Retain Clients

    Get exclusive access to the Geo Landing Pages proprietary software to build your first batch of powerful city specific landing pages for FREE.

  • Save Time

    Gone are the days of eye-ball frying, tedious web page design and development. Streamline your agency workflow with our Operational Toolkit.

  • Make Money

    Experience the power of Geo Landing Pages and never sell an unprofitable SEO + web design product again.

"I'm all about things that work. Floyd's system is one of those things. It just works.  I'm not sure what else you could ask for; you get great looking pages that give you the best chance to rank and convert. These pages enhance user experience and provide real information to get in front of the right people in different locations."

Kyle Roof

Legendary SEO & Co-Founder

of Page Optimizer Pro

SEO training and tools used by the pros to create an unfair advantage.

The Local SEO Accelerator Stack will revolutionize your digital agency, drive profit margins and impressive your clients.

Gives an exclusive step-by-step lesson on how to CRUSH YOUR COMPETITORS with Geo Landing Pages and Page Optimizer Pro.


Leverage the most powerful city page creation software and training course on earth alongside Kyle Roof's Scientific SEO Method for INSANE RESULTS.
*Page Optimizer Pro Sold Separately.

GLP Overview

Learn about geographically focused landing pages.

  •  Why they rank so well
  •  How to make them
  •  How to get them ranked
  • How to optimize images

Technical SEO

Ever wonder why some sites rank really well with few backlinks?

  •  Free on page SOPS
  •  Free PDF checklist
  •  Step by step videos
  •  Over the shoulder training

Seed Pages

It all starts with one highly optimized Wordpress page.

  •  Learn how to use variables
  •  Proper layouts and design
  •  UI/UX training for max SEO
  •  Prepare for success

Importing Data

We teach you how to manage Wordpress importing the right way and at scale using XML data.

  •  Common mistakes to avoid
  •  Data wrangling with XML
  •  Categorizing for Silos
  • Scheduled posting for drips

GLP Sales Training

We teach you how to sell these pages for top profit and provide you with the sales kit as well.

  •  White label Sales Kit
  •  Sample Agreement
  •  Swipe File Emails
  •  White Label Keynote File


Explode your rankings with data-driven approach to SEO with Page Optimizer Pro and GLP.

  •  Over the shoulder training
  •  Massive local relevancy
  •  Leverage Scientific SEO
  •  Create an unfair advantage

Braeden Fairbridge
Co-Founder, Your Story Agency

"Floyd's definitely not one of those fake 'gurus'. He knows exactly what he's talking about when it comes to SEO. This has been absolutely game changing for our business. I  can't describe how grateful I  am."

30+ Videos

Over the Shoulder


Bonus Downloads


Course Modules


Mastermind Group

Start Optimizing Now Risk Free

Order the Local SEO Accelerator Stack now and get started on your journey to higher rankings. Say goodbye to the days of SEO frustration.

  • Free Course Updates

    You will get all future course updates for free so you have the very latest information.

  • Instructor Support

    You will have direct support from the founders in the Mastermind Facebook Group.

  • Lifetime Access

    You will have access to the course for life so you can watch it again and again.

  • Local SEO Software

    You'll have full access to the Geo Landing Pages software as well as all future updates.

Risk Free - 100% Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident that you will love our software and course that if you’re not 100% satisfied with the quality of our training, simply ask for a full refund within 30 days. You can even keep all the bonus files.




Featured alongside some of the biggest names and thinkers in the world of SEO and marketing. "Top SEO to follow in 2021". Business growth expert and consultant.



Local SEO trusted by some of the biggest names in search engine optimization.  Join hundreds of businesses enjoying lasting visibility online through Matthew's principals and strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions that we get.

How does this course work? What's the structure?

Is everything recorded? Or do I have to show up for scheduled classes?

When will I get access to the course and software once I place my order?

How long will I get access to the course for?

Do I have to use a desktop Computer to watch the training? 

You can use any of your devices such as a Laptop, computer, iPad, Tablet or even smartphone.

Is it interactive and can I ask questions to the instructor?


  • If you have a moment, just listen to what a few of our agency partners and clients have to say. 
  • At the end of the day, my goal is to help as many people succeed as I can. 
  • This course and the Geo Landing Pages software are meant to help you achieve your goals.


"We are thrilled to be able to offer these kind of results to our clients."


"My business is great, everybody is happy and it works."


"If you're thinking about using GLP, we couldn't recommend them enough."

"Geo Landing Pages is more than simply another tool in your digital agency toolbox. It is THE tool. Floyd's master class outlined the entire process of implementing powerful local SEO solutions into the website services we already offered. And our clients love the results! My advice? Take the course, start using Geo Landing Pages and grow your business!"​

Wesley Horton

Co-Founder, Design & Technology Lead

Brilliant Doc

"This is a special tool that is transformative for a digital marketing agency. I've seen the results firsthand. My decision to move forward with Geo Landing Pages is the best business decision I've made.​"

William Gee

Founder & CEO at WA Rank


Billy reached out to us immediately after he saw our Facebook Ad.


He already had plenty of experience with geographically targeted landing pages and knew why (when done correctly) they're extremely effective. 


He just needed to scale...


In this video, you’ll see him openly sharing his results roughly 3 weeks after easily launching a couple hundred Geo Landing Pages using our methodology and the GLP software.

How much easier would it be to sell local SEO services to prospective clients when you yourself are CRUSHING IT with your own local SEO? What would having these kind of results mean for your business? 


Take the course and launch your first batch of 25 FREE Geo Landing Pages... 


I promise you won't regret it.